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Dave Spargo

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Name: Dave Spargo
Weight: 375lbs (170kg)
Height: 6'1 (186cm)
Affiliation: FIT NHB Team
Trainer: Tom & Arlene Vaughn
Fight Record: 2-1-0
Last Fight: 2004-11-27

Detailed Fight Record

Result Opponent Method Time Rnd Event Date
Loss Add Whoopass Machine Decision (Split Decision) 0:00 0 Fight World 3: No Guts No Glory 2004-11-27
Win Add Jimmy Carroll TKO (Corner Threw in the Towel... 2:52 1 Fight World 1: Let's Roll 2004-06-05
Win Add Jimmy Carroll TKO 2:52 1 Fightworld: Let's Roll 2004-06-05